Specialist Team that Delivers

Based in North Yorkshire we provide a personable high quality loft conversion service for homeowners.

We developed our unique conversion method to overcome the problems of utilising loft space in modern homes which have a trussed rafter roof design. Since the mid-1960s, the vast majority of new houses have incorporated the w-shaped trussed rafter roof system, which although a highly successful design, has an incredibly limiting impact on the loft space, rendering it largely unusable except for storage. Our technique removes the trussed rafters and replaces them with horizontal metal beams at floor level, the result being the creation of highly practical living space, which not only increases the liveable area within the house, but also adds significant value too.

Trussloft – with over 25 years’ experience in building loft conversions

We have carried out hundreds of loft conversions and as a result have developed an unrivalled reputation for exceptional quality and service. With our head office based in the factory at Catterick, we manage and co-ordinate our dedicated teams who are perfectly placed to take on all loft conversion projects in all corners of the country. So, whether you want help with a structural only / DIY loft conversion or if you require a full loft conversion or a roof raise conversion we can take care of it. We have converted more than 2000 lofts nationwide and with two decades of experience we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do.

We also specialize in large-scale and unusual loft conversion projects; no job is too big or complicated for our teams to take on – wherever it may be. Whatever your needs and wherever you are in the country, our in-house design, own manufacture, experienced trades and delivery workforce can come together to build the perfect loft conversion for you.